Products and Supplies

Mig Wire: Hyundai, Cigweld, Lincoln, Eutectic, Bossweld, Welding Alloys, Safra and many more.

Electrodes: WIA Austrarc, Hyundai, Cigweld, Lincoln, Eutectic, Harris Aluminium rods and many more.

Cutting and Grinding: Pferd or Sonnenflex, Cutt off wheels, Grinding wheels, Polifan flap disc, Combiclick, sanding disc, Sanding belts, Wire cup brushes.


Parts and accessories: Cylinder pressure regulators, Mig tips, Nozzles, Tips & holders, Diffusers, Insulators, Gouging tips, Cutting tips, Hose clamps, Air fittings, Earth clamps, Engineers chalk, Welding curtains / screens & blinds, Clamps, Ear plugs, Respiratory protection, Hard hats, Anti-spatter Tradesman Oxy/Acet kits and Oxy/LPG kits and much more.


 Sahara, Blue Kevlar, Big Red, Lefties, Red Devil, Riggers, Elliott's and many more.




Welding Helmets:

Standard to full auto helmets, Speedglas, Servoglas, Weldclass and many more.



Cable & Hoses:

Oxy, Acet, LPG & Argon hoses, Air line hose 6mm - 12mm & Cables from 16mm2 to 95mm2


Safety Glasses:

From clear to tint, glasses to goggles to full face shield, all to Australian Safety Standards.

Plasma cuting
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